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Why We Created This Site

The island of Phuket is one of the most unrivalled spots for beauty and diversity in the world. Finding suitable accommodation on this relatively small island, however, can seem overwhelming when faced with literally thousands of  potential places to choose from. Questions you are likely to ask yourself are: What types of accommodation are available? Where is the best location for me to stay? How do I find the right price for the duration of my holiday there? Are the hotels family friendly?

This web-site was created in order to simplify, and quicken the process of finding the most suitable accommodation. We have lived in Thailand for many years and stayed on the island of Phuket on numerous occasions. This has enabled us to present the information in a way that significantly reduces the difficulties associated with locating a suitable place.

In order to most appropriately harness our energies for this venture, we chose to use the affiliate program sponsored by Agoda, one of the largest and most reputable hotel booking sites in the world. We do not, however, make recommendations on any of the hotels that are listed here; we simply make it possible for you to conveniently look through the possibilities, then book your choice through Agoda.


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